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NIST announces the draft release of Special Publication (SP) 800-152, A Profile for U.S. Federal Cryptographic Key Management Systems (CKMS)
August 08, 2012

NIST is developing a draft Special Publication 800-152A Profile for U. S. Federal Cryptographic Key Management Systems (CKMS). This Profile will be based on the Special Publication 800-130, entitled "A Framework for Designing Cryptographic Key Management Systems." The Framework covers topics that should be considered by a product or system designer when designing a CKMS and specifies requirements for the design and its documentation. The Profile, however, will cover not only a CKMS design, but also its procurement, installation, management, and operation throughout its lifetime.

An initial draft of the Profile requirements is now available for public comment and for discussion by participants of the CKM Workshop scheduled for September 10-11.

Comment period CLOSED on: October 10, 2012. Questions? Send email to: ckmsdesignframework@nist.gov


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