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NIST released Revision 1 of Special Publication 800-57 Part 3, Revision 1, Recommendation for Key Management, Part 3: Application-Specific Key Management Guidance
January 23, 2015

Special Publication 800-57, Part 3, Revision 1Recommendation for Key Management, Part 3: Application-Specific Key Management Guidance, is intended primarily to help system administrators and system installers adequately secure applications based on product availability and organizational needs and to support organizational decisions about future procurements. This document also provides information for end users regarding application options left under their control in a normal use of the application. 
This revision updates cryptographic requirements for the protocols and applications in the document so that the current required security strengths, as specified in SP 800-131A, can be achieved. This revision also adds security-related updates from the protocols addressed in the original version of the document, as well as a new section for Secure Shell (SSH). 
The applications and protocols addressed in this revision are: Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), Kerberos, Over-the-Air Rekeying of Digital Radios (OTAR), Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), Encrypted File Systems (EFS) and Secure Shell (SSH).

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