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Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths: NIST SP 800-131A Rev. 2
March 21, 2019

NIST has long provided cryptographic key management guidance to encourage appropriate key management procedures, use algorithms that adequately protect sensitive information, and plan for potentially significant changes in the use of cryptographic algorithms.

NIST announces the publication of Special Publication (SP) 800-131A Revision 2, Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths, which provides guidance for federal agencies when transitioning to the use of stronger cryptographic keys and more robust algorithms to protect sensitive but unclassified information. These transitions are meant to address the challenges posed by new cryptanalysis, the increasing power of classical computing technology, and the potential emergence of quantum computers. The document includes a strategy and schedule for retiring the use of the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (TDEA) specified in SP 800-67 Rev. 2, Recommendation for the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (TDEA) Block Cipher.

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See: Key Management

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Created March 18, 2019, Updated June 22, 2020