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Decision to Revise NIST SP 800-22 Rev. 1a
April 19, 2022

In August 2021, NIST's Crypto Publication Review Board initiated a review process for NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-22 Rev. 1a, A Statistical Test Suite for Random and Pseudorandom Number Generators for Cryptographic Applications.

In January 2022, NIST proposed revising SP 800-22 Rev. 1a, in response to the public comments received. Later, NIST received additional comments on the proposed decision.

NIST has decided to revise SP 800-22 Rev. 1a, to

  1. clarify the purpose and use of the statistical test suite, in particular rejecting its use for assessing cryptographic random number generators; 

  2. align the terminology with the NIST SP 800-90 series that provides recommendations for random bit generators and resolve inconsistencies;  

  3. address technical suggestions (e.g., new research results, considerations for two-level testing, supporting shorter sequences, independence of the tests); 

  4. improve the software tool; and  

  5. improve the editorial quality of the document. 

NIST plans to include an emphasis on stochastic models in later revisions of the SP 800-90 series.  

The effort to revise SP 800-22 will follow the typical process of posting a draft for public comment, although draft preparation has not yet started. Monitor progress on CSRC News and CSRC Publications and by subscribing to email updates.

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Created April 11, 2022, Updated April 19, 2022