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Poster: Privacy vs. Data Utility: Cryptography to the Rescue

October 28, 2021


Angela Robinson


In today's digital world, many entities own different databases with data about subsets of the population. The entities need to keep this data private for the most part, but sometimes need to figure out which persons with a certain condition appear in more than one database. For example, this can be useful to identify someone at risk, or figure out if someone is improperly claiming benefits in multiple places. This poster highlights "Private Set Intersection" as an optimal solution from privacy-enhancing cryptography, without requiring any mediator. Each entity only learns the intersection of both sets, thereby retaining privacy of other persons. Poster jointly prepared by the PEC team (Luís Brandão, Angela Robinson, René Peralta).

Presented at

NIST-ITL Science Day 2021 (October 28) --- Presentation by video-conference

Poster jointly produced by Luís Brandão

Parent Project

See: Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography, privacy

Created November 05, 2021