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Security Content Automation Protocol Version 2 (SCAP v2) SCAP v2


Security Content Automation Protocol Version 2 (SCAP v2) is a major update to the SCAP 1.x publications. SCAP v2 covers a broader scope in an attempt to further improve enterprise security through standardization and automation. This project page will be used to provide information on the SCAP v2 effort, as well as updates on ongoing work, and directions on how to get involved.


Important Links:

SCAPv2 Community - Get involved in the SCAP effort by joining our mailing lists.

SCAPv2 Frequently Asked Questions - A good place to start if you are new to SCAP v2 or have questions about the effort. Followup questions are welcome on the mailing lists above.


Created December 17, 2018, Updated September 20, 2021