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Second Workshop on Enhancing Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem
February 28, 2018 to March 1, 2018
This workshop will discuss substantive public comments, including open issues) on a draft report...

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Second Draft of NIST's TLS Guidance Now Available for Comment
October 15, 2018
NIST has released the second draft of Special Publication (SP) 800-52 Rev. 2, which provides...
NIST Releases Special Publication 1800-8
August 20, 2018
Special Publication (SP) 1800-8 informs healthcare organizations on risks associated with...
NIST Publishes Guide to LTE Security
December 21, 2017
NIST publishes Special Publication (SP) 800-187, Guide to LTE Security.
Second Draft of Trustworthy Email Spec SP 800-177 Rev 1
December 15, 2017
A second round of public comments has started for Draft SP 800-177 Revision 1, "Trustworthy Email"
SP 800-153, Guidelines for Securing WLANs
February 21, 2012
NIST announces the final release of Special Publication (SP) 800-153, Guidelines for...

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