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  The process of discovering the true identity (i.e., origin, initial history) of a person or item from the entire collection of similar persons or items.
CNSSI 4009-2015 from FIPS 201-1
NIST SP 800-79-2 under Identification
FIPS 201 [version unknown] under Identification

  The process of verifying the identity of a user, process, or device, usually as a prerequisite for granting access to resources in an IT system.
NIST SP 800-47 under Identification
NIST SP 800-82 Rev. 2 under Identification from NIST SP 800-47

  Identification is the process whereby the NE recognizes a user's unique and auditable identity such as the User-ID
NIST SP 800-13 [Withdrawn] under IDENTIFICATION

  The bit string denoting the identifier associated with an entity.
NIST SP 800-56A Rev. 2 [Superseded] under ID
NIST SP 800-56B Rev. 2 under ID
NIST SP 800-56B Rev. 1 [Superseded] under ID

  process of using claimed or observed attributes of an entity to single out the entity among other entities in a set of identities
NISTIR 8053 from ISO/TS 25237:2008

  A unique, auditable representation of identity within the system usually in the form of a simple character string for each individual user, machine, software component or any other entity.
NISTIR 5153 under Identification