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Program Review for Information Security Management Assistance (PRISMA)

Date Published: January 2007

Planning Note (11/4/2021):

The Program Review for Information Security Assistance (PRISMA) project was last updated in 2007; NISTIR 7358 and the corresponding PRISMA tool continue to serve as useful resources for high-level guidance and as a general framework, but may not be fully consistent with changes to requirements, standards and guidelines for securing information systems. 

NIST will review and determine next steps to best support and potentially update the PRISMA content in 2022.  For any questions or comments, please contact sec-cert@nist.gov.


Pauline Bowen (NIST), Richard Kissel (NIST)



evaluation; inspections; maturity level; PRISMA; security issues; action plan; security reviews
Control Families

Audit and Accountability; Assessment, Authorization and Monitoring; Planning


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Document History:
01/01/07: NISTIR 7358 (Final)