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Impact Analysis Tool for Interdependent Cyber Supply Chain Risks

Date Published: August 2020

Planning Note (5/21/2021):

The impact analysis tool described in NISTIR 8272 is currently being updated. Past versions of the tool are not supported by NIST and may have unpatched vulnerabilities.

Therefore, NISTIR 8272 is being withdrawn, effective immediately. Software and supporting files linked from the “Supplemental Content” section on page iii are no longer available.

To monitor NIST’s future efforts to revise NISTIR 8272, please follow NIST’s Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management project and draft publications available for public comment.


Celia Paulsen (NIST), Jon Boyens (NIST), Jeffrey Ng (Boston Consulting Group), Kris Winkler (Boston Consulting Group), James Gimbi (Boston Consulting Group)



C-SCRM; cyber supply chain risk management; risk management; secure supply chain; supply chain; supply chain assurance; supply chain dependencies; supply chain risk; supply chain risk management; supply chain security
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System and Services Acquisition


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Supplemental Material:
None available

Document History:
03/13/20: NISTIR 8272 (Draft)
08/25/20: NISTIR 8272


Security and Privacy
analytics; cyber supply chain risk management