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SP 1800-10

Protecting Information and System Integrity in Industrial Control System Environments: Cybersecurity for the Manufacturing Sector

Date Published: March 2022


Michael Powell (NIST), Michael Pease (NIST), Keith Stouffer (NIST), CheeYee Tang (NIST), Timothy Zimmerman (NIST), Joseph Brule (MITRE), Chelsea Deane (MITRE), John Hoyt (MITRE), Mary Raguso (MITRE), Aslam Sherule (MITRE), Kangmin Zheng (MITRE), Matthew Zopf (Strativia)



application allowlisting; behavioral anomaly detection; file integrity checking; firmware modification; industrial control systems; manufacturing; remote access; software modification; user authentication; user authorization
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Document History:
09/23/21: SP 1800-10 (Draft)
03/16/22: SP 1800-10 (Final)