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SP 800-57 Part 1

Recommendation for Key Management, Part 1: General

Date Published: August 2005

Supersedes: FIPS 171 (04/27/1992)


Elaine Barker (NIST), William Barker (NIST), William Burr (NIST), W. Polk (NIST), Miles Smid (Orion Security Solutions)



assurances; authentication; authorization; availability; backup; compromise; confidentiality; cryptanalysis; cryptographic key; cryptographic module; digital signature; hash function; key agreement; key management; key management policy; key recovery; key transport; originator usage period; private key; public key; recipient usage period; secret key; split knowledge; trust anchor
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Supplemental Material:
Comments on Draft (Apr. 2005) (pdf)
Draft (Apr. 2005) (pdf)
Comments on Draft (Jan. 2003) (pdf)
Draft (Jan. 2003) (pdf)

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Document History:
08/01/05: SP 800-57 Part 1


Security and Privacy
digital signatures; key management