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White Paper NIST Technical Note (TN) 2060

BGP Secure Routing Extension (BGP-SRx): Reference Implementation and Test Tools for Emerging BGP Security Standards

Date Published: September 2021


Oliver Borchert (NIST), Kyehwan Lee (NIST), Kotikalapudi Sriram (NIST), Douglas Montgomery (NIST), Patrick Gleichmann (NIST), Mehmet Adalier (Antara Teknik)



Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) security; BGP origin validation (BGP-OV); BGP path validation (BGP-PV); BGPsec; internet infrastructure security; Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI); routing security; robustness
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Supplemental Material:
Local Download (pdf)
BGP-SRx Prototype (web)
Public Data Resource (web)

Related NIST Publications:
SP 800-189

Document History:
09/15/21: White Paper NIST Technical Note (TN) 2060 (Final)


Security and Privacy
risk management; testing & validation


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