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NIST Releases Supplemental Materials for SP 800-53 and SP 800-53B: Control Catalog and Control Baselines in Spreadsheet Format
January 26, 2021

New and updated supplemental materials for NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-53, Revision 5, Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations, and NIST SP 800-53B, Control Baselines for Information Systems and Organizations, are available for download to support the December 10, 2020, errata release of SP 800-53 and SP 800-53B

Both spreadsheets have been preformatted for improved data visualization and allow for alternative views of the catalog and baselines. Users can also convert the contents to different data formats, including text only, comma-separated values (CSV), and other formats that can provide greater flexibility (e.g., by ingesting it into an existing product or platform and/or to facilitate automation). The spreadsheets were created from the Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) version of the SP 800-53 Rev. 5 controls, which is offered as a supplemental material to the publications.

Additionally, the following existing supplemental materials for SP 800-53 were recently updated:

More information is available on the SP 800-53 publication page. Contact sec-cert@nist.gov with any questions and comments. 

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See: NIST Risk Management Framework

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Laws and Regulations: Federal Information Security Modernization Act

Created January 26, 2021