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Federal Computer Security Program Managers Forum

Project Overview

Welcome to the Federal Computer Security Managers Forum website. The Forum is an informal group sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to promote the sharing of system security information among U.S. federal, state and higher education organizations.  The Forum maintains an extensive e-mail list, holds quarterly meetings which includes an annual 2-day annual conference to discuss current issues and items of interest to those responsible for protecting non-national security systems. Ms. Katie Boeckl and Ms. Vicky Yan Pillitteri of NIST serve as co-chairs of the Forum. Mr. Jeff Brewer of NIST serves as the secretariat of the Forum, providing necessary administrative and logistical support.

FCSM Objectives

  • To provide an ongoing opportunity for managers of U.S. federal, state and higher education security and privacy programs to exchange information system security and privacy materials and knowledge for use in other programs in a timely manner, build upon the experiences of other programs, and reduce possible duplication of effort;
  • To provide an organizational mechanism for NIST to exchange information directly with U.S. federal, state and higher education organization information system security and privacy program managers in fulfillment of its leadership mandate under the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA);
  • To establish and maintain relationships with other individuals or organizations that are actively addressing information system security and privacy issues within the U.S. federal government and higher education organizations; and
  • To establish and maintain a strong proactive stance identifying and resolving strategic and tactical information system security and privacy issues involved in the development and application of new and emerging information technologies.
Created May 24, 2016, Updated January 04, 2021