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Federal PKI Technical Working Group
A Subcommittee of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Steering Committee

This TWG is currently inactive. Please visit the Federal Public Key Insfrastructure Policy Authority or the Federal Identity Credentialing Committee.

The PKI-TWG is an open group focusing on technical obstacles to implementation and use of public key infrastructures by government agencies. NIST chairs the TWG, which is composed of technical participants from Federal agencies and industry. There are no formal membership requirements, and anyone who chooses to attend TWG meetings may participate.  Active since October 1994, the TWG has developed a technical concept of operations and a  an X509 v3 certificate profile for a Federal PKI, as well as a number of issues papers. These documents are available below. 

Site Contents

This site currently includes: 
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2005 Meeting Schedule
2005 Document Register


2004 Meeting Schedule
2004 Document Register

2003 Meeting Schedule
2003 Document Register

2002 Meeting Schedule
2002 Document Register







The Document Registers contain hyperlinks to many of the TWG documents.  In addition, the following documents are available on-line: 

PKI Documents

The following documents are products of the Technical Working Group, or related to the discussion in the group:

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