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Low Power Wide Area IoT

Project Overview

Developing an IoT Laboratory based on LPWAN using LoRaWAN

This project is developing a LoRaWAN infrastructure in order to study the security of communications based on Low Power Wide Area Networks, with the objective of Identifying and evaluating security vulnerabilities and countermeasures.

IoT overview

Recent Accomplishments

  • Wired IoT prototype for multiple IoT devices (temp sensors, others TBD).
  • Survey of low power wide area networking.
  • Architecture formulated for LPWAN-IoT at NIST.
  • Preliminary risk analysis of LPWA networking deployment at NIST.
  • Risk-balanced phased laboratory development plan:
    NIST LPWAN project phases

Program Contacts

  • Sebastian Barillaro
  • Lee Badger

Why LPWAN for IoT?


Low power networking compared with common IoT protocols

Created November 29, 2017, Updated June 22, 2020