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Cybersecurity and Privacy Reference Tool CPRT


Why are we doing this?

NIST seeks to :

  • Accelerate the adoption of our cybersecurity and privacy standards, guidelines, and frameworks by making it much easier for users of NIST products to identify, locate, compare, and customize content across NIST’s standards, guidelines, and practices.

  • Add value to our existing reference datasets by delivering human- and machine-consumable reference datasets.

The CPRT provides a centralized, standardized, and modernized mechanism for managing reference datasets, eventually creating the opportunity to correlate and establish relationships between different datasets to support various use cases. A reference dataset includes structured data such as security or privacy controls, practices, functions, categories, skills, knowledge, etc. that is presented in a tabular format in various NIST frameworks, special publications, and internal reports. It delivers the data in the format desired by the user.

  • Providing a unified interface to interact with the reference data distributed across different frameworks and guidance documents.

  • Enabling users to draw upon multiple NIST resources to build their own cybersecurity and privacy guidance in the future.

Created March 03, 2022, Updated July 20, 2022