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Supply Chain

Overlay Name:  NIST SP 800-161 Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Federal Information Systems and Organizations

Overlay Version: 1

Technology or System: Supply Chain

Overlay Author: Jon Boyens (NIST), Celia Paulsen (NIST), Rama Moorthy (Hatha Systems), Nadya Bartol (Utilities Telecom Council)

Comments: The audience for this publication is federal agency personnel involved in engineering/developing, testing, deploying, acquiring, maintaining, and retiring Information and Communications Technology (ICT) components and systems. These functions may include, but are not limited to, information technology, information security, contracting, risk executive, program management, legal, supply chain and logistics, acquisition and procurement, other related functions, and system owner. Other personnel or entities are free to make use of the guidance as appropriate to their situation.

Overlay Point of Contact: Jon Boyens 301-975-5549/Celia Paulsen 301-975-5981


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Created November 30, 2016, Updated October 13, 2020