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Hash Functions

News and Updates

Research Results on SHA-1 Collisions
February 24, 2017
On Thursday, February 23rd, Google announced  that a team of researchers from the CWI Institute in Amsterdam and Google have successfully demonstrated an attack on the SHA-1 hash algorithm by creating two files that hash to...
Announcing Approval: Federal Information Processing Standard 202
August 5, 2015
This notice announces the Secretary of Commerce's approval of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 202, SHA-3 Standard: Permutation-Based Hash and Extendable-Output Functions
Draft FIPS 202, SHA-3 Standard and Request for Comments
May 28, 2014
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) launched a public competition in November 2007 to develop a new cryptographic hash algorithm for standardization to augment the Government...
NIST Announces the Release of NISTIR 7896
November 16, 2012
NIST opened a public "SHA-3" competition in November 2007 to develop a new cryptographic hash algorithm. On October 2, 2012, NIST announced Keccak as the winner and the new SHA-3 algorithm.
NIST and NISTs CSD Announced the SHA-3 WINNER
October 3, 2012
NIST announced KECCAK as the winner of the SHA-3 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Competition and the new SHA-3 hash algorithm in a press release issued on October 2, 2012. KECCAK was designed by a team ...
Request for Candidate Algorithm Nominations
November 2, 2007
This notice solicits nominations from any interested party for candidate algorithms to be considered for SHA-3, and specifies how to submit a nomination package. 
Announcing Draft FIPS Publication 180-3 and Request for Comments
June 12, 2007
This notice announces the Draft Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 180-3, Secure Hash Standard (SHS), for public review and comment. The draft standard, designated “Draft FIPS 180-3,”…
NIST Comments on Cryptanalytic Attacks on SHA-1
April 26, 2006
In 2005 Prof. Xiaoyun Wang announced a differential attack on the SHA-1 hash function. NIST found that the attack was practical, and announced plans for transitioning to SHA-2 algorithms and development of SHA-3.
NIST Brief Comments on Recent Cryptanalytic Attacks
August 25, 2004
Researchers have recently announced they have discovered a new way to break a number of cryptographic hash algorithms. Click here to read NIST's brief comments on recent cryptanalytic attacks on secure hashing functions and...
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