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The NIST Interagency Report 6887 - 2003 edition (Government Smart Card-Interoperability Specification) Version 2.1 is available now for distribution in PDF format.
GSC-IS Version 2.1

Update on Release of NISTIR 6887 - 2003 Edition, GSC-IS(v2.1)

GSC-IS (v2.1) replaces v2.0. Some highlights of GSC-Isv2.1 include a card interface for contactless smart cards, support for repeating tags, and general improvements to the contact card interface chapters. GSC-IS (v2.1) will be submitted for formal standardization to INCITS B10, the U.S. TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC17.

For additional information, comments, and questions on NISTIR 6887-2003 Edition or questions and comments pertaining to the formal standardization efforts and project status, please contact

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