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CMVP Management Manual and
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CMVP Management Manual

CMVP Management Manual: PDF (03-07-2017)

The purpose of the CMVP Management Manual is to provide effective guidance for the management of the CMVP, and the conduct of activities necessary to ensure that the standards are fully met.The CMVP Management Manual is applicable to the CMVP Validation Authorities, the CST Laboratories, and the vendors who participate in the program. Consumers who procure validated cryptographic modules may also be interested in the contents of this manual. This manual outlines the management activities and specific responsibilities which have been assigned to the various participating groups. This manual does not deal with the actual standards and technical aspects of the standards.


CMVP FAQ Document: PDF (10-28-2016)

The CMVP FAQ is currently being updated. When posted, it will include items of interest, programmatic issues and other topics related to the Cryptographic Module Validation Program. The CMVP FAQ is organized to address questions that are of interest to Federal users or procurers of cryptographic modules and to vendors developing cryptographic modules or solutions utilizing embedded cryptographic modules.