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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

FIPS 140-3 IG Announcements

FIPS 140-3 IG - Latest version


New Guidance:

    • D.P SP 800-56Crev2 One-Step Key Derivation Function Without a Counter

Updated Guidance:


    • Added a space to all ENT entries to ENT (P) or ENT (NP).
    • 2.4.B Tracking the Component Validation List – Added references to SP 800-56Arev3 for the ECC-CDH primitive CVL in Resolution #1.
    • 2.4.A Definition and Use of a non-Approved Security Function – Synchronized minor text in the Resolution to be consistent with IG 1.23 (FIPS 140-2).  Clarified XOR example with a note.  Added Additional Comment #2 to further clarify when a vendor can apply this IG.
    • 10.3.A Cryptographic Algorithm Self-Test Requirements – Spelled out the ENT self-test requirements to avoid ambiguity.
    • C.F Approved Modulus Sizes for RSA Digital Signature for FIPS 186-4 – Added Table 1 with a more relaxed upper bound limit and introduced supporting text including adding two new Additional Comments.  Clarified the minimum number of the Miller-Rabin tests. Cleaned up old text in the Additional Comments.
    • D.C References to the Support of Industry Protocols – Included guidance on the use of AES-CBC-MAC within OTAR.
    • D.J Entropy Estimation and Compliance with SP 800-90B – Added Additional Comment #10 to clarify when other parties can write a labs’ entropy source description and its heuristic entropy analysis.
    • D.L Critical Security Parameters for the SP 800-90A DRBGs – Added Additional Comment on the CTR_DRBG without a derivation function.


New Guidance:

  • 10.3.D Error Logging
  • 10.3.E Periodic Self-Testing
  • E.A Applicability of Requirements from SP 800-63B

Updated Guidance:

  • 5.A Non-Reconfigurable Memory Integrity Test – Incorporated end of life procedures.


New Guidance:

    • 2.4.C Approved Security Service Indicator
    • 9.7.B Indicator of Zeroization
    • 10.3.C Conditional Manual Entry Self-Test Requirements
    • 11.A CVE Management
    • 12.A Mitigation of Other Attacks
    • D.O Combining Entropy from Multiple Sources

Updated Guidance:

    • 3.4.A Trusted Channel – clarified in the last bullet in Resolution 2 that the operator must stay in control over the physical path and prevent any unauthorized tampering.
    • 4.1.A Authorised Roles - Clarified the requirements of the text “or other services that do not affect the security of the module”.
    • 10.3.A Cryptographic Algorithm Self-Test Requirements – Updated to remain consistent with FIPS 140-2 IG 9.4. Also, clarified self-test rules around the PBKDF Iteration Count parameter.
    • C.H Key/IV Pair Uniqueness Requirements from SP 800-38D - Removed Scenario 2’s second and fourth bullets and added the reasoning as Additional Comment #4.
    • D.F Key Agreement Methods - Removed Additional Comment 10 since SP 800-56Arev3 testing is available and therefore vendor affirming to this standard is not permitted.
    • D.G Key Transport Methods - Added “if applicable” for key confirmation under the first approved method.
    • D.J Entropy Estimation and Compliance with SP 800-90B - Updated to align ENT references with that of IG D.O.


The first release of the FIPS 140-3 Implementation Guidance document was published on September 21, 2020. This release incorporates 41 IGs, down from the 104 IGs currently in FIPS 140-2 IG document. Many of the IGs were no longer required as they were incorporated into ISO/IEC 19790, ISO/IEC 24759, and the SP 800-140x documents. Many thanks to those who helped identify, draft, review, and publish this new CMVP document.

Created October 11, 2016, Updated November 17, 2021