Public Comments on AES Candidate Algorithms - Round 2

Last Modified: October 24, 2000

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On August 9, 1999, NIST announced the five AES finalist candidates for Round 2 evaluation, and called for public comments on those candidates. NIST also called for comments in the Federal Register of Sept. 15, 1999.

Other, non-official discussions, also took place at NIST's AES Forum. Discussions at that site should be AES-specific.

The Round 2 comment period closed on May 15, 2000. The NIST AES Team would like to thank the many people and organizations that submitted comments.

Comments Received

The "General Comments" and "General Papers and Letters" that are accessible below are now also available in three ZIP files (with instructions in a README file):

README [1,372 KB] (updated June 5 with Federal Reserve comment) [1,316 KB] [1,614 KB]

The comments are divided into several categories:

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

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